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Yoga is good for you!

By Julie Jones

Norah from Norah Nelson Yoga has kindly contributed some key points which can my read alongside my personal experience.

Yoga is good for you, for Pregnancy and Birth and beyond!

There are many benefits, and some are especially important during pregnancy, which is a trans-formative time for women physically, mentally and emotionally.

As a newborn photographer, a mum of two my days are very active and physically demanding.  When I am doing a newborn photo shoot for safety reasons a lot of my work is at a low level or floor based. This gives the best possible angles to capture those tiny details. Having this enjoyable lifestyle can take a toll on the body and mind. This is where yoga helps me. It gives me the opportunity to find my space, my time to relax, but also time to strengthen, stretch and relax those core muscles.

“Anxiety and stress are also common during pregnancy and yoga can help to address these. The body, mind and breath become unified and you feel balanced, calm and regenerated. Using a combination of asana (movements) and pranayama (breathing) you prepare your mind to meditate and finish by relaxing completely, improving mood and sleep patterns.”

After the birth of my first child, I was invited to a mummy and baby pilates group, something I had never experienced before.

The benefits of attending allowed me to carry out the gentle exercise after birth helping to regain strength and enjoying bonding with my baby whilst meeting other mums with babies of a similar age.

“Many women worry about labour and birth and how or if they will cope.  Doing a weekly yoga class is a perfect gradual birth preparation.  Or for those who wish to learn more about birth, I teach Yoga for Birth workshops which combine antenatal learning with practical skills that you can use during each phase of labour.  Not only can you cope with labour, but you can also have a positive and enjoyable birth experience.”

Going to a weekly yoga class can also be a social experience, where you can meet other Mums to be, share experiences and find a support network that lasts into the postnatal period.

I continued with pilates and found this extremely beneficial, during pregnancy and labour of my second child, my posture was better and breathing was relaxed.

“Physically, yoga can help you to stay mobile and improve or maintain a balanced posture as your baby grows and your body changes shape.  These changes can place strain on the back and can aggravate or cause neuromuscular complaints like sciatica.  Yoga can help to ease these aches and pains.”  

“Emotionally, yoga can help you to release negative emotions and tensions and reconnect with or rebalance your feelings. This is especially important if you are finding it hard to connect with your baby or your changing body or indeed the life changes that are coming ahead for you.”

I having been attending on a weekly basis, to really experience the benefits and now enjoy Strala Yoga.  This has helped with my recovery period after running and I enjoying paddle boarding and yoga helps with core strength and balance.

I am looking forward to trying my hand at yoga on a paddleboard this summer.

If you would like to book a  Yoga for Birth Session, Norah has places available on Sat 6th July and Sunday 1st September – Please contact her to book or for more information norah_nelson@yahoo.co.uk. Further information about her weekly classes and workshops is available on her Facebook page Norah Nelson Yoga.

Newborn Photo Sessions are available to book directly with me julie@jvphotography.uk. Please contact me for more information and we can pencil in your due date.

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