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What is Newborn Photography?

By Julie Jones

Newborn photography is a take on portrait photography, only the subjects are typically less than two weeks old.  It’s about capturing this beautiful moment before the child grows up and starts asking for pocket money and to borrow the car.

New parents love newborn photography. It offers them a capture of a fleeting moment in their lives, one that is impossible to get back. Poses are created to capture the pure detail and size of a newborn.

Creativity from the photographer is something that I like to highlight is unique from client to client, every baby and every family is different.

Using the best possible equipment and materials during a newborn photo session and ensuring safety is paramount with the ability to pose baby safely will capture the best possible high-quality photographic images of your newborn for you to cherish for a lifetime.

The correct use of natural light or lighting equipment is a great source ensure an amazing image quality creating a soft warm natural newborn.

Lightweight cotton wraps are a favourite in newborn photography. These are for swaddling the baby, so chances are, they are already accustomed to them. They offer a tight, but not restricting covering, allowing the shape of the baby to show. Many of these host different patterns, that can add a texture to a plain and simple backdrop to create that beautiful bespoke portrait.

From the moment I held both my girls in my arms after they were born, the understanding of the importance of family and how precious life is, became more of a reality at this special moment.  I capture and hold onto as many memories as I can.

I chose photography on a professional level to show my care and understanding of this special time to offer my experience to create exquisite photographs of your baby which are always timeless memories.

It is a real privilege creating your beautiful images and I would be delighted to share this special moment with you.

Please contact me for a chat and together we can discuss creating your beautiful portraits.


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Newborn Photography in Torbay & Surrounding Areas

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