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A Blog they say, this my first, a little bit of info about me for you.
Your chance to get to know me and understand my journey and love of photography.

So, Hello I’m Julie and I specialise in Newborn Photography in Torbay and surrounding areas in the comfort of your own home.
My journey into photography started on my 30th Birthday when I was handed a camera, a nice one, not cheap but enough for me to be interested without getting too technical.

I began taking images of things I enjoyed, mainly my first born who was only a few months at the time. I was pleased with the results and then wanted to explore more into different techniques, so got myself a new camera and tried some wedding & landscape photography. After the birth of our second daughter it was clear that newborn photography was where I was happiest.

It is a real privilege to be able to experience that special moment as new parent, when you are able to hold your baby for the first time. I wanted to ensure I captured all those early moments and made memories for years to come.

To have the opportunity to capture those special moments for other families brings a real joy. My youngest daughter was now ready for school it was time to continuing doing something I enjoy and sharing my skills by launching JV Photography.

I believe it is important to document memories. Newborns and children change and grow so quickly. I enjoy looking back on the tiny hand prints and watching the videos of the girls taking their first steps.
The first photo of the girls less than and hour old still takes pride of place in the living room.

Newborns in particular can change within the blink of an eye and I remember well how in those early days it can be hard to remember how your baby looked. Sleep deprivation has a lot to answer for.

So that’s where I am here to help, from the comfort of your own home, I will bring my mobile studio to you to create some timeless images of your precious newborn to treasure for generations to come.

Please take a moment to browse my collection.

If you would like to chat please get in touch.

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