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Guest Blog – Kate Hancox The Daisy Foundation

By Julie Jones

I recently met with Kate, from the Daisy Foundation.


Kate offers workshops in and around the Torquay area covering aspects on preparing and creating a positive aspect for birth, postnatal classes, and classes to attend with your baby when they arrive.  Here is Kate’s Story;

“I started my journey with The Daisy Foundation in 2012 whilst pregnant with my first son. For me, The Daisy Foundation gave me a positive outlook and the confidence and understanding of pregnancy and labour. I found the classes relaxing and informative and I knew then that I wanted to bring The Daisy Foundation to the Torbay and give more women the opportunity to have a better understanding of pregnancy and labour.

We hear so many horror stories of labour and for me to be able to bring some positivity into what is perceived as a scary and daunting part of our lives makes me feel like I am making a difference to the Mother’s I see.

My first birth was the complete opposite of my birthing plan.  I needed interventions and Hospital monitoring whereas my plan was a calm home birth.  I’m not saying that I wasn’t disappointed that I didn’t get the home birth I had planned, but because I had done my Daisy Birthing Classes,          I knew what could happen and what I was happy to accept in terms of interventions and pain relief and I knew what questions I should ask.  So although it wasn’t my ideal birth I came out of it knowing that I did everything I could to make the situation the best it could be and I was happy with those decisions.  Without doing my Daisy Birthing Classes I may have been another Mum with a horror story to tell.”

If you would like more information on how Kate can help you create a positive birthing experience. please get in touch with her directly.  

When your little one arrives, I would be delighted to photograph those tiny details on your precious newborn with a photo shoot and should you join Daisy Birthing, let me know and there will be a little gift for you when you book a photo shoot.

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