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What is Newborn Photography?

By Julie Jones

Newborn photography is a take on portrait photography, only the subjects are typically less than two weeks old.  It’s about capturing this beautiful moment before the child grows up and starts asking for pocket money and to borrow the car.

New parents love newborn photography. It offers them a capture of a fleeting moment in their lives, one that is impossible to get back. Poses are created to capture the pure detail and size of a newborn.

Creativity from the photographer is something that I like to highlight is unique from client to client, every baby and every family is different.

Using the best possible equipment and materials during a newborn photo session and ensuring safety is paramount with the ability to pose baby safely will capture the best possible high-quality photographic images of your newborn for you to cherish for a lifetime.

The correct use of natural light or lighting equipment is a great source ensure an amazing image quality creating a soft warm natural newborn.

Lightweight cotton wraps are a favourite in newborn photography. These are for swaddling the baby, so chances are, they are already accustomed to them. They offer a tight, but not restricting covering, allowing the shape of the baby to show. Many of these host different patterns, that can add a texture to a plain and simple backdrop to create that beautiful bespoke portrait.

From the moment I held both my girls in my arms after they were born, the understanding of the importance of family and how precious life is, became more of a reality at this special moment.  I capture and hold onto as many memories as I can.

I chose photography on a professional level to show my care and understanding of this special time to offer my experience to create exquisite photographs of your baby which are always timeless memories.

It is a real privilege creating your beautiful images and I would be delighted to share this special moment with you.

Please contact me for a chat and together we can discuss creating your beautiful portraits.


Becoming a mum was the best thing I ever did!

By Julie Jones

The birth of a child marks a transformative moment in your life.
I remember it well, as labour began, walking into the hospital as husband and wife and within a few hours we became a little family. Your priorities, thoughts and feelings change in an instant, but becoming a mum was the best thing I ever did.

The newborn stage passes so quickly and in just a few weeks your tiny little one will no longer fit so snuggly in your arms, stretching out from their unique cocoon shape and before long they will be attempting to roll over.

They are only this small for such a short time. I remember only too well how quickly those first few weeks pass by, often in a blur from recovering from birth, sleepless nights and endless visitors. For this reason, I waited until my princess was six weeks old before having professional photos, in hindsight, I wish I had them done within the first two weeks and I believe it’s so important to have these moments captured as she had changed so much between week one and six.

You may not feel like visitors or the thought of going out just after you have had a baby, but I can come to you with my mobile studio and set up in your living room, whilst you can relax in the comfort of your own surroundings and enjoying watching me at work, capturing images of your beautiful newborn.

If this is your second child, don’t worry, I love siblings, they can help too if they wish, they may be a budding photographer in the making. Now I have two children I am always adapting situations so we can all be involved and enjoy the activity, they love to take a picture!

As my children are both at school, returning to work had to be something to offer fulfilment.  During my maternity leave and the pre-school years, I spent a lot of time visiting playgroups, the Zoo, parks and cafes! If I had a spare moment, I would pick up the camera and learn, trying to establish that work-life balance and share my talent and journey through photography.

It wasn’t until after the birth of my second daughter that my passion for photography really took hold and the compulsive learning began. It was in 2014 that I began my journey in newborn photography.

I still take 1000s of photos on my phone of family life, make handprint pictures and see how high I can push a swing, but I realise those memories are mine and you will have yours.  I believe in creating memories through images that would last a lifetime to passed through the generations.

I would absolutely love to be your baby’s first professional photographer, so please put a little time aside and let me help you preserve those fleeting moments for you and your family to cherish forever.

I hope that you enjoy looking at my images as much as I have in creating them.

So, get a coffee, cake or whatever you enjoy, take a minute to look at the rest of my website and I look forward to hearing from you for a chat to discuss how I can make this work for you.


Newborn Photography

jv photography your session

By Julie Jones

A Blog they say, this my first, a little bit of info about me for you.
Your chance to get to know me and understand my journey and love of photography.

So, Hello I’m Julie and I specialise in Newborn Photography in Torbay and surrounding areas in the comfort of your own home.
My journey into photography started on my 30th Birthday when I was handed a camera, a nice one, not cheap but enough for me to be interested without getting too technical.

I began taking images of things I enjoyed, mainly my first born who was only a few months at the time. I was pleased with the results and then wanted to explore more into different techniques, so got myself a new camera and tried some wedding & landscape photography. After the birth of our second daughter it was clear that newborn photography was where I was happiest.

It is a real privilege to be able to experience that special moment as new parent, when you are able to hold your baby for the first time. I wanted to ensure I captured all those early moments and made memories for years to come.

To have the opportunity to capture those special moments for other families brings a real joy. My youngest daughter was now ready for school it was time to continuing doing something I enjoy and sharing my skills by launching JV Photography.

I believe it is important to document memories. Newborns and children change and grow so quickly. I enjoy looking back on the tiny hand prints and watching the videos of the girls taking their first steps.
The first photo of the girls less than and hour old still takes pride of place in the living room.

Newborns in particular can change within the blink of an eye and I remember well how in those early days it can be hard to remember how your baby looked. Sleep deprivation has a lot to answer for.

So that’s where I am here to help, from the comfort of your own home, I will bring my mobile studio to you to create some timeless images of your precious newborn to treasure for generations to come.

Please take a moment to browse my collection.

If you would like to chat please get in touch.

Julie Jones

07870 248458


Newborn Photography in Torbay & Surrounding Areas

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